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Monday, May 03, 2010

How to Reset BIOS password

Monday, May 03, 2010
Bios password are used to secure your desktop and latop computer by preventing user from changing your bios setting or acessing to your computer while u are away.there is too type of password protection 

the first one is bios setup protection:to prevent user from changing bios setting

thesecond one  system proetction:to make the system unbootable intel entring the password.

but sometime user can forget their password or even wrose they can get infected by bios Backdoor sending back the unit for reset bios is expensive here is some why how to recover or remove u lost bios password
Note:There is some bios That will fully lock the system when u type a wrong password

more than three time so please be carefful when entring those password and read

your bios manufacture documentation before making any change Some BIOS configurations will lock you out of the system completely if you type in an incorrect password more than 3 times. Read your manufacturers documentation for the BIOS setting before you begin typing in passwords

Award BIOS backdoor passwords:
ALFAROME         BIOSTAR     KDD               ZAAADA
ALLy                 CONCAT     Lkwpeter       ZBAAACA
aLLy                 CONDO       LKWPETER     ZJAAADC
aLLY                 Condo        PINT              01322222
ALLY                 d8on          pint               589589
aPAf                 djonet        SER               589721
_award             HLT            SKY_FOX        595595
AWARD_SW      J64             SYXZ              598598
AWARD?SW      J256            syxz
AWARD SW      J262            shift + syxz
AWARD PW      j332            TTPTHA
AWKWARD       j322

AMI BIOS backdoor passwords:

PHOENIX BIOS backdoor passwords:

BIOSTAR         lkwpeter
biostar           setup
biosstar          SETUP
CMOS             Syxz
cmos              Wodj


ManufacturerBIOS Password
VOBIS & IBMmerlin
Packard Bellbell9

Password cracking software

Here 3 of the most used software to crack or reset the system bios password.those utitility are not licenced by your motherboard manufacturer so using them will be at your own risk.there are some that can recover the password by brute forcing than display it to your screen.other software will just use assembly for award algoritme and then try to find out the cureent password.and last type by overflooding the bios

Using the Motherboard "Clear CMOS" Jumper or Dipswitch settings

many motherboard are using this jumper old one like new.just check the documentation for location and usage info.generally this jumper shuld be located near the bios chip or near the battery.there is usually 3 pin witch two of them covred with this jumper. 

1) so first turn of your system

2) unplug the power cable from your psu

3) wait 30 s to be safe and to be sure that motherbard is fully decharged

4) locate the jumper

5) if there is 3 pin : the jumper show be in 1-2 possition remove it to 2-3 position wait few second than place the jumper back .

-if there in only 2 jumper : it is even easyer just remove the jumer wait  few second then plae it back

6) place your psu cable back then power your system and you are done

This procedure abrove are most used with desktop computer for laptop it is even easyer the the dipswitches "used to clear the cmos" is located under the keyboard or in the botton.just check your documentation or contact your laptop manufacturer if u cant find this switches.

Removing the CMOS Battery

removing the battery is the step that u should fellow if the jumper switch that is used abrove did not help the get the password rest. 

a quike overlook to the motherboard and u can easly find where u battery is placed .generaly is a sqaure battery.

lets process the step.

1) Turn of your system

2) unplug the psu cable remenber that u can burn your motherboard if the power still pluged while u are removing the battery

3) take the battery out .be carefull when removing it to not break anything.just note how the battery was placed.u need to put back later :-)

4) wait about 30 min in some case u should wait more"up to 24 hours" but generally 30 min if enough to get the bios setting rest

5) place the battery back please note how the battery was placed .placing it in wrong why can drive it to explose.

6)plug your power cable and power u your system

Note: that all previews setting will rest to default one.exemple hdd boot priority,memory setting etc... u should reconfigure them back if u had made change before.

some battery come soldered onto the mathboard then it will be harder to remove it u will need so soldeing skills.

new laptop store the password without requiring a contunious power .so rmoving the battery should not help in this case

IBM based system use special jumper to rest the bios password .again just check the documentation for additonal info

Another way to clear the CMOS RAM is to reset it by short circuiting two pins of the BIOS chip for a few seconds. You can do that with a small piece of electric wire or with a bent paper clip. Always make sure that the computer is turned OFF before to try this operation. 

Here is a list of EPROM chips that are commonly used in the BIOS industry. You may find similar chips with different names if they are compatible chips made by another brand. If you find the BIOS chip you are working on matches with one of the following you can try to short-circuit the appropriate pins. Be careful, because this operation may damage the chip.
CHIPS P82C206 (square)

Short together pins 12 and 32 (the first and the last pins on the bottom edge of the chip) or pins 74 and 75 (the two pins on the upper left corner).
5v 75--| |
| |
| |
1 * | |
| P82C206 |
| |
| |
| |
| gnd | 5v
12 32
OPTi F82C206 (rectangular)
Short together pins 3 and 26 (third pin from left side and fifth pin from right side on the bottom edge).
80 51
81 -| |- 50
| |
| |
| OPTi |
| |
| F82C206 |
| |
|| | |
1 || | | 30
3 26

Dallas DS1287, DS1287A
Benchmarq bp3287MT, bq3287AMT

The Dallas DS1287 and DS1287A, and the compatible Benchmarq bp3287MT and bq3287AMT chips have a built-in battery. This battery should last up to ten years. Any motherboard using these chips should not have an additional battery (this means you can't flash the BIOS by removing a battery). When the battery fails, the RTC chip would be replaced.
CMOS RAM can be cleared on the 1287A and 3287AMT chips by shorting pins 12 and 21.

The 1287 (and 3287MT) differ from the 1287A in that the CMOS RAM can't be cleared. If there is a problem such as a forgotten password, the chip must be replaced. (In this case it is recommended to replace the 1287 with a 1287A). Also the Dallas 12887 and 12887A are similar but contain twice as much CMOS RAM storage.
1 -| * U |- 24 5v
2 -| |- 23
3 -| |- 22
4 -| |- 21 RCL (RAM Clear)
5 -| |- 20
6 -| |- 19
7 -| |- 18
8 -| |- 17
9 -| |- 16
10 -| |- 15
11 -| |- 14
gnd 12 -|__________|- 13
NOTE: Although these are 24-pin chips,
the Dallas chips may be missing 5 pins,
these are unused pins.
Most chips have unused pins,
though usually they are still present.

Dallas DS12885S
Benchmarq bq3258S
Hitachi HD146818AP
Samsung KS82C6818A

This is a rectangular 24-pin DIP chip, usually in a socket. The number on the chip should end in 6818.

Although this chip is pin-compatible with the Dallas 1287/1287A, there is no built-in battery.
Short together pins 12 and 24.
24 20 13
| |
|> |
| DS12885S |
| |
| |
1 12
Motorola MC146818AP
Short pins 12 and 24. These are the pins on diagonally opposite corners - lower left and upper right. You might also try pins 12 and 20.
1 -| * U |- 24 5v
2 -| |- 23
3 -| |- 22
4 -| |- 21
5 -| |- 20
6 -| |- 19
7 -| |- 18
8 -| |- 17
9 -| |- 16
10 -| |- 15
11 -| |- 14
gnd 12 -|__________|- 13

bios password recovery Win 89 tick

Yes, you can crack this password if that is not set as Power on password ( the one which prompts right when you start the machine ). 

If you are still able to boot into Windows do this:

Restart in Ms-DOS mode

Press Enter
Type O 70 18
Press Enter
Type O 71 FF
Press Enter
Type Q
Press Enter

Power the system off and on by unplugging and re-plugging the system into the power outlet

**** New Trick ****

At command prompt type debug
you will get a - prompt where you can type the fallowing ( means hit enter, not type enter*)

CMP CX,100
JB 103
INT 20
just hit enter on this line

Overloading the KeyBoard Buffer 

U can overload the keyboard buffer isn old system .sor exemple:hitting the " ESC " key many time rapidly. u can also try the " INSERT " + " DELETE " tick.just start rapidely pushing those two key repectively just after powering the system.and the last known keyboard tick using the "ESCAPE" "F1" it may work with the principe in some motherboard

Jumping the Solder Beads on the CMOS

An additional way consist on connecting or skeeping some specific solder beads on the carrefull u can easly broke the motherboard if u make a wrong connection or a wrong skeep,u can check the manufacturer documentation on this or  just contact them and ask.this technique is for advanced user and usually used as last try

Using the jumpers

The canonical way to flash the BIOS via hardware is to plug, unplug, or switch a jumper on the motherboard (for "switching a jumper" I mean that you find a jumper that joins the central pin and a side pin of a group of three pins, you should then unplug the jumper and then plug it to the central pin and to the pin on the opposite side, so if the jumper is normally on position 1-2, you have to put it on position 2-3, or vice versa). This jumper is not always located near to the BIOS, but could be anywhere on the motherboard.

To find the correct jumper you should read the motherboard's manual.
Once you've located the correct jumper, switch it (or plug or unplug it, depending from what the manual says) while the computer is turned OFF. Wait a couple of seconds then put the jumper back to its original position. In some motherboards it may happen that the computer will automatically turn itself on, after flashing the BIOS. In this case, turn it off, and put the jumper back to its original position, then turn it on again. Other motherboards require you turn the computer on for a few seconds to flash the BIOS.

If you don't have the motherboard's manual, you'll have to "brute force" it... trying out all the jumpers. In this case, try first the isolated ones (not in a group), the ones near to the BIOS, and the ones you can switch (as I explained before). If all them fail, try all the others. However, you must modify the status of only one jumper per attempt, otherwise you could damage the motherboard (since you don't know what the jumper you modified is actually meant for). If the password request screen still appear, try another one.

If after flashing the BIOS, the computer won't boot when you turn it on, turn it off, and wait some seconds before to retry.

Replacing the chip

If nothing works, you could replace the existing BIOS chip with a new one you can buy from your specialized electronic shop or your computer supplier. It's a quick operation if the chip is inserted on a base and not soldered to the motherboard, otherwise you'll have to unsolder it and then put the new one. In this case would be more convenient to solder a base on which you'll then plug the new chip, in the eventuality that you'll have to change it again. If you can't find the BIOS chip specifically made for your motherboard, you should buy one of the same type (probably one of the ones shown above) and look in your motherboard manufacturer's website to see if there's the BIOS image to download. Then you should copy that image on the chip you bought with an EPROM programmer.  


Whether is the method you use, when you flash the BIOS not only the password, but also all the other configuration data will be reset to the factory defaults, so when you are booting for the first time after a BIOS flash, you should enter the CMOS configuration menu (as explained before) and fix up some things.

Also, when you boot Windows, it may happen that it finds some new device, because of the new configuration of the BIOS, in this case you'll probably need the Windows installation CD because Windows may ask you for some external files. If Windows doesn't see the CD-ROM try to eject and re-insert the CD-ROM again. If Windows can't find the CD-ROM drive and you set it properly from the BIOS config, just reboot with the reset key, and in the next run Windows should find it. However most files needed by the system while installing new hardware could also be found in C:WINDOWS, C:WINDOWSSYSTEM, or C:WINDOWSINF .

Key Disk for Toshiba laptops

Some Toshiba notebooks allow to bypass BIOS by inserting a "key-disk" in the floppy disk drive while booting. To create a Toshiba Keydisk, take a 720Kb or 1.44Mb floppy disk, format it (if it's not formatted yet), then use a hex editor such as Hex Workshop to change the first five bytes of the second sector (the one after the boot sector) and set them to 4B 45 59 00 00 (note that the first three bytes are the ASCII for "KEY" followed by two zeroes). Once you have created the key disk put it into the notebook's drive and turn it on, then push the reset button and when asked for password, press Enter. You will be asked to Set Password again. Press Y and Enter. You'll enter the BIOS configuration where you can set a new password.

Key protected cases

A final note about those old computers (up to 486 and early Pentiums) protected with a key that prevented the use of the mouse and the keyboard or the power button. All you have to do with them is to follow the wires connected to the key hole, locate the jumper to which they are connected and unplug it.

That's all.

Clear Cmos, jumper.That is the way how I solve problem when customer forgets password.
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